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The Web Development Bootcamp

Development & IT

4/6/20, 8:51 am

Comprehensive Web Development course to teach you some of the essential basics from scratch. Practical videos added!




What you'll learn

  • HTML 5 & CSS 3

  • Javascript & Jquery

  • React


  • working computer and basic knowledge in opening and saving files.

  • For the JS part - a basic knowledge in programming.


Web development is a big thing nowadays, and probably would be in the next coming years. Web development is the field of writing applications that would run and accessed via the web browser. The web development field had gone (and is going every day!) through tremendous changes. From the very first days of the internet and to our present days, the web technology advances in huge steps, making state of the art technologies obsolete, creating new technologies almost on monthly basis, and attracting more and more developers, companies and industries to the web development area.

What is HTML?

HTML (stands for HyperText Markup Language) was invented by Tim Berners-Lee in the late 1980's. It's a standard that contains data to be rendered on the browser, and directions of how to render it. The browser reads HTML document that tells it what to show and how to show it. For example, we can tell the browser to show the sentence "Hello World", and if we want the browser to make it bold, we'll add HTML directions (called "markups") that would direct the browser how to render the text. In this manner, html contains the data (What to be shown) and the meta-data (how it would be shown).

What is CSS?

HTML comes with very narrow set of abilities to style the page. For real styling we use CSS (stands for Cascading StyleSheet). CSS contain rules that control the page styling and actually can do anything - we can change font family, size, decoration, we can change background colours, images, shadows, gradients, every type of styling is possible with CSS, and more features are added all the time.

What is Javascript?

Javascript (abbreviated to JS) is a programming language that was invented in the mid 1990's and its main and primary goal was to enable simple functionality to the HTML. For example, if we built a HTML form in which the user should fill his/her name, we could use JS code to validate the input. Over the years, and really in the last decade, JS had became from a modest, inefficient and kind of "toy" language, to a monstrous creature that controls every last aspect of the web. Everything in the web development world is done with JS, and its popularity increases by every known matrices.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to enter the web development field.

  • Graphic designers who want to expand their skills.


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