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The Modern Mystics Guide to Decoding Your Dreams

Personal Development

19/6/20, 7:02 am

Learn how to accurately and intelligently interpret your dreams using the most sophisticated online and offline tools




What you'll learn

  • Decode your dreams accurately and intelligently.

  • Understand the language of symbolism.


Welcome to the course!

  • Have you ever suddenly woken up from a dream, disorientated and troubled?

  • Have you every felt that something or someone in your dream was trying to warn you?

  • Have you ever been truly mystified by a dream?

Their numbers may be falling, but there are still many people who have no interest in dreams. 'It's nothing, just weird movies in my head' they say. But they couldn't be more wrong!

According to the most spiritually sophisticated human beings that have ever walked the planet, dreams contain within them a magic power. Dr. Carl Jung, Dr. Marie-Louise von Franz, Joseph Campbell, hundreds of primitive cultures connected to the Earth, all of them testify to the startling power of dreams.

But how are you supposed to interpret your dreams when they seem to speak to you in riddles?

This is what this course will teach you, it is in fact a crash course in using the language of symbolism to decode your dreams.

You will find (if you haven't discovered this already) that dreams contain within them helpful advice, warnings, premonitions of future events, and strange messages. You reconnect with family and friends long gone in your dreams, and you meet new figures that live in your unconscious.

Theory aside, this course will teach you a simple process to accurately interpret your dreams, complete with online and offline materials that are very easy to use.

I encourage you to keep this in mind as you make your way through the course - take what I'm teaching you and make it your own. My goal is to teach you the basics, your goal should be to weave this process into the fabric on your life, so that your own incredible creative powers can work their magic and give life and energy to your dream analysis.

So thank you once again, if there are any areas or aspects of this course that I can improve, please post a comment in the discussion section of the video and I will find a way to incorporate your advice.


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