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The 60 Minute Masterclass on Facilitating Virtual Meetings


7/7/20, 4:27 pm

Learn to make virtual meetings engaging & productive. A complete toolkit from planning until post meeting communication.




What you'll learn

  • Address issues of technology, distracted / overpowering / timid participants

  • Know about effective meeting execution tools like wedging, framing , pigeon hole, emergency kit and more

  • Learn about easy digital tools to make virtual meetings more impactful

  • Meeting facilitation tools

  • Access to Virtual meeting planning template, business ice breakers, 21 secrets of effective virtual meetings ,and many more resources and templates

  • Plan , execute and close virtual meetings effectively

  • Apply immediately the tools learnt in the course



With the world dealing with the pandemic, ways of working have changed quickly, not giving enough time to equip ourselves with the change. The work days are flooded with virtual meetings and people find escapade by hiding behind the camera using  a still image to indulge in a world of their own.

Why this course?

Do you feel that:

  1. You want to know more about the systematic way of planning and executing virtual meetings?

  2. You want to create a different experience for participants in your meetings?

  3. You are yet to unleash the superpowers the 21st century technology has to offer for virtual meetings?


>>  A unique course that deals with basic + advanced skills of facilitating virtual meetings

>> A power packed course with lectures, quizzes and case-lets to reinforce learning and nudge immediate application

>> Course that can be completed in one sitting - ideal for busy managers

>> A mix bag toolkit of 10 exercises and resources


How is this course different?

  1. This course combines tools of facilitation like no other

  2. This is the only course to offer caselets for a course on virtual meetings

  3. Principles learnt during this course can also be used in virtual session, classes and more.

  4. Address the needs of both - a beginner facilitator and an advanced facilitator

What does this course contain?

I ) The ground floor

Characteristics of In person meetings and Virtual Meetings

Diagnose - Challenges that virtual meetings pose

Roles of a project leader and a meeting facilitator

II) Meeting Planning Phase - 3Ps of meeting planning, framing agendas, creating compelling pre work, participant communication

III) Meeting Execution  - Check ins , wedging, pigeon hole, framing, digital tools, effective processes, convergence and closure

IV)Post meeting action - Meeting minutes, action  items, follow up

.V) Resources

>> 01 Exercise

>> 02 Quizzes

>> 02 Case-lets

>>  05 resources- Meeting planning questionnaire, Timeline checklist, MOM template, Check in activities, 21 secrets to effective meetings


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