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Successful Project Manager


7/6/20, 6:30 am

Do you want to success in your projects? Are you willing to become better project manager?




What you'll learn:

  • Project management skills

  • Project management tools

  • Real-life experiences

  • Useful tips


What it takes to be successful project manager? What kind of skills are needed?

This course will teach five top skills needed for successful project managers. Your management is combination of your skill set and team. The way you treat your team, customers and stakeholders will affect to project success.

Project management is typically hard skills, but you must also have a sense for soft skills. Different projects need different skills, also different project managers. However, success needs basic skills and additional characteristics from every person.

This course will highlight you the areas to you can learn and enhance. You will learn how to recognize your strengths and weaknesses to become successful! Take your career to next level, become successful project manager!

You will learn and adapt tools

1. AIDA approach for communication practice

2. Linear responsibility chart for recognizing power and links

3. Feedback to know your success and get improvement

4. Balanced scorecard for reporting in four aspects

6. Cost-benefit analysis to explain options

6. SWOT analysis to make sure strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are seen

7. Design thinking for making real problem resolution

8. Risk matrix to avoid failures and issues

9. Value stream mapping for avoiding unnecessary work

10. Issue and change tracker to make sure all is seen and logged.

These tools are explained clearly and ready to use after course completion.

Start your transformation to become successful project manager. Avoid mistakes, make clear plans and do whatever it takes to reach target. Setting up goals, learning skills and making your every project a success!

Enroll this course now!


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