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Productivity Complete

Personal Development

8/6/20, 7:03 pm

Simple Rules to Produce Any Result in Any Area of Life




What you'll learn

  • The Secret to Producing Results in Any Area of Life

  • What Limits Your Ability to Produce Results

  • How to Expand the Results You Produce

  • Fifteen Ways to Increase Your Productivity and Results

  • How to Increase the Results Others Produce


Productivity means results, and results are one of the most important aspects of modern life. Your results set who you are for yourself and for others. In many cases, your results determine the job you can have, and the level to which you can ascend in that career.

On the other hand, lack of results is called "failure" and is a primary source of sadness, disappointment, frustration, and in severe cases disillusionment and even depression.

Many of us are not happy with our results. Either we have not yet achieved what we want, or we have achievements and are looking for what is next, what is the next level we can achieve. Or we feel we have reached a plateau and no matter what we try, we feel stuck.

Both the achievement of results and the failure to achieve them, come from the same immutable process, the same fundamental design for producing results. But most of us do not understand and practice the rules that govern producing results. And because we don't, we end up falling short of what we want or reaching a level beyond which we cannot seem to progress.

This course uncovers how productivity works in a way that leaves you naturally, almost automatically in action to produce the results - any results - you want.

What you will learn:

  1. The source of results

  2. The inescapable design of productivity

  3. How to identify and alter the source of your own results

  4. How to identify and alter the source of results others achieve

  5. Fifteen ways to improve your results in any area of life you want

  6. A powerful way to remember these fifteen ways, making them readily available

  7. The secret to success in education, sales, marketing, and coaching


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