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Mobile App Marketing for Absolute Beginners


20/5/21, 6:42 pm

In App marketing, push notification marketing, paid marketing, email marketing, App store optimization (ASO) and more.




What you'll learn

  • Will learn how to create mobile app user base spending with very little money

  • Will learn how to create virality in mobile app

  • Will learn how to optimize app to make search engine friendly

  • Will learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for App marketing purpose

  • Will learn how to generate huge audience thorugh effective email marketing

  • Will learn how effectively use push notification for app engagement


  • No prerequisites for this course


Mobile app marketing is quite important to get a huge user base and to get the ultimate revenue from a mobile app.

This course organized as

In-App Marketing (Low cost but very effective)

  • Build virality into your app

  • How virality in the mobile app works?

  • Best practices of virality

  • More Apps

  • Update = $$

  • In-App graphical banner Ad (cross-promotional)

Push Notification (Army for better app marketing)

  • Why you should care about push notification?

  • What is a push notification?

  • Push notification best practices

  • Analysis of a push message

  • Advantage of push notification over SMS

  • SMS vs. Email vs. Push Notification

ASO Basics

  • Base components of ASO

  • Importance of ASO | Why we should learn ASO

  • ASO Principles

ASO Keyword Research Process

  • The whole ASO Keyword research process in 10 steps

  • Utilize long-tail keyword

  • A practical example of ASO tools for Keyword Research like Appannie, SensorTower

  • Practical case study ASO in Apps & Games

Practical ASO Implementation along with cool tricks in

  • App Title

  • Keyword Field

  • App Description

  • App Short Description

  • App Icon

  • App Screen Shots

  • App Localization

  • App Preview Video

  • Review & Rating

Difference factor regarding ASO in Market Places

  • Google Play Store vs. Apple App Store

Email marketing (For better app engagement)

  • Why did email marketing need to get more downloads?

  • Add an email subscription form to your app

  • Create mobile-friendly email content

  • Video content in email performs far better result

Paid Marketing

  • Before paid marketing, ensure these points

  • Get positive reviews from high traffic websites

  • Know the type of ads for mobile apps

  • Know marketing terms for mobile advertisers

  • Know which advertiser suits best for your app/game

Social Network Marketing

  • Why Facebook for mobile app marketing

  • Facebook ads statistics

  • Focus on business goal + reflect

  • Facebook Ad analysis for mobile targeted user base

  • Analysis of install ads: perfect choice for mobile apps

  • Facebook contest: Effective marketing approach for mobile apps

  • Why Twitter for mobile marketing

  • YouTube marketing

Who this course is for:

  • Mobile App Marketers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Mobile App Business Owners


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