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Ketosis and IF for Fat Loss


4/7/20, 11:09 am

Combining Nutritional Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting for Enhanced Fat Loss




What you'll learn

  • Efficiently use ketosis and ketogenic diets

  • Adapt to a long-term ketogenic diet

  • Efficiently use intermittent fasting (IF)

  • Combine ketosis and IF for enhanced fat loss

  • Prepare meals and meal plans to support the combination of these 2 protocols

  • Use food, exercise, and ketosis tracking software to help with attaining fat loss goals

  • Use additional resources for continuous lifestyle optimization


in this course you will learn how to combine ketosis (a metabolic state in which your body uses fat for energy) with intermittent fasting (a meal timing strategy) to reach your desired weight. I will closely describe my 2 year journey using this combination of protocols. There is little to no technical/medical terminology that you need to have to take this course. It is introductory level. But it is pretty dense though...

I will also teach you how to exercise with weights and your own body weight and I will describe my exercising protocols that I used between 2013-2015.

Thirdly, and very important, you will learn how to use self-tracking tools to help you reach your weight loss and muscle building goals faster.

The course is structured in 6 sections, starting with basic information about these 2 strategies and getting into more details as we progress along. You should learn at your own pace so I would not make recommendations/suggestions on how long it should take you to complete the course. Some people learn faster while others are slow learners. It is up to you to decide...

Please do not take this course if you don't want to use ketosis (ketogenic diets) and/or intermittent fasting in your lifestyle optimization endeavors.


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