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How to Design an Awesome Letterhead in Adobe Illustrator


25/6/20, 7:46 am

Learn Letterhead Design from a published professional!



What you'll learn

  • Make extra money from the logo design process

  • Design professional letterheads

  • Gain knowledge of formats and their benefits

  • How to prepare and clean up files

  • How to save to the correct formats for edit ability and ease of workflow

  • How to achieve balance in a letterhead document


* 'Smashing - great insight and step by step instructables. Thank you!'

* 'Really good! Enjoyed the course! Thanks so much Daniel! You're great!'

* 'This is my 3rd course from the instructor and all 3 are great!'


*** UPDATED OCTOBER 2019! ***

A letterhead helps to give backbone to a brand, to deliver its essence and its message in every instance where correspondence is passed!

As a professional logo and stationery designer, I’m going to show you the no-nonsense way of how to design awesome letterhead designs as quickly and as easily as possible!

Rest assured, there’s nothing mystical about the process in the slightest, but there are some tricks that are worth their weight in gold!

I’ll be touching upon these things as you progress and you’ll garner enough information to design a letterhead head yourself using Adobe Illustrator.

So, rather than hang around, let jump right in and get started….


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