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How to become creative innovator

Personal Development

28/6/20, 6:44 am

What's the difference between creating, innovating and inventing? Can you combine them into success?



What you'll learn

  • Creativity techniques

  • Innovation capabilities

  • Invention abilities

  • Making impact by combination

  • Understanding differences



What kind of people are creative? How you can be more creative? You can become more creative by learning from examples. Adapt creativity techniques which has helped others to your toolbox. Make an impact by understanding the process which enhances creativity.


What's an innovation? How innovations are created? There many different kind of innovations. They can be radical or incremental. To be innovative you need to understand sources for innovations. Enhance your innovation capabilities by learning about tools or ways to be an innovative person.


Who are inventors? How did they make their inventions? A lot of inventors are in constant process for inventing and creating new things. They are curious, open and like changes. To improve your invention abilities gain understanding from history, look around and take next step.

About the course

This course will teach you how to make an impact by combining creativity, innovations and inventions. They have differences which need to be understood. In the course curriculum you'll get a framework to classify, understand and make learning based on experiences, techniques and tools. You'll be open to try out, find new sources of creating new things or changing existing.

Can I be adventurous founder? Or part of brave team?

Today's startup scene has adventurous founders who are not scared to make new things  happen. Learn from them to be less afraid of new things. Become a brave team member if you're not one of those who established the company. You can grow with new companies and find a new career.

How I could be more curious and interested in new solutions?

Are you one of the curious managers who are ready to make changes? You can become more interested for the world around you. Finding new solutions to improve existing. You can't stay always where you exist to be more creative. You have to be ready for new normal!

Are you the one who shows direction?

I have met many future oriented directors. They have many things in common. If you're not yet one of them, decide your path today. You can study and gain value from experiences. You can change your direction.

Starter or the one who accomplishes things? Which one you are?

We can be innovative starters. We don't always need to accomplish all we started. These people are typically the ones who invent or innovate. Not all people are creative artists. We can all be good in different areas. Understand your capabilities and abilities. Learn more.

Enroll this course now and start becoming a creative innovator. Now.


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