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How To Achieve Your Personal Goals In 12 Months

Personal Development

26/6/20, 7:55 am

A course that gives you the strategy to reach your goals




What you'll learn

  • A beginner-friendly approach to setting goals

  • A step-by-step guide to creating your own 12-month plan

  • Reassurance that no goal is too big, and a way to make it happen

  • Explanations on why goal setting is so important

  • Tips on how to ensure your stay on track with your plan

  • Exercises to help you assess your true desire

  • An understanding of why breaking large tasks down helps

  • A proven technique on how to manage larger goals

  • How to review progress, failures and learn from your experiences

  • A method of goal setting that can be applied to absolutely any type of goal


In order to achieve great things it is important to set goals, create challenges and push ourselves towards success.

One major obstacle for the majority of people is that simply knowing what you want is not enough to get you there. There has to be a plan or roadmap in place.

The 12-Month Plan is a course that gives you a step by step method for discovering exactly what it is you want to achieve, and then teaches you how to create and develop your own personal plan to reach your goal.

For most of us, a dream goal or big achievement can leave us feeling overwhelmed or with a worry that the task or accomplishment is too big. This course will help you to break even the biggest of goals down into manageable, bite size tasks that are designed to keep you motivated and driving towards your goal.

What this course will teach you?

  • The best way to break down large tasks and goals

  • How to define what you really want vs. what you think you want

  • The reasons why creating a solid plan is more likely to bring success

  • Tips on how to stay on track with your plan

  • Step by step guidance on developing a personal 12-month plan

Contents and Overview

The course is divided into 4 sections, each concentrating on different elements of creating your personal 12-month plan.

We start with an overview of goal setting and an introduction into the strengths of creating a long-term plan to achieve great things.

The next section helps you assess whether the goal you think you want is going to fulfill the overall desire or if it is a moving piece for an even bigger dream. Either way, we provide you with a great exercise to draw this information out and will be there to show you how to act on it.

You will then be taken step by step through the process of creating your personal 12-month plan. By this stage you will have your end goal identified and you will take simple steps in order to understand the various elements and requirements of being able to achieve your goal.

You will learn a number of methods in order to analyze and identify the tasks you will need to tackle on your journey to greatness.

The final section has been created to provide much needed insight and advice to help you as your progress through your 12-month plan. As someone who uses this strategy, I am fully aware of some important areas to focus on, and things to be aware of.

This way you will not receive any unexpected surprises and will feel fully equipped to manage the challenges as they arise.

The end result will be a working 12-month plan that can be used to map out your journey to achieving your desires and systematically taking leaps closer to creating a life that you want.


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