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Engage your online meeting audience


1/7/20, 10:34 am

Tools for increasing participant learning and understanding




What you'll learn

  • Why interaction and activation is important in an online meeting or training

  • Online tools for engaging the participants

  • How to set up online quizzes for events

  • How to let participants ask questions from the audience

  • How to collect ideas from the participants

  • How to vote or prioritize the ideas the participants come up with


The course provides an excellent overview of different tools that are available for interacting with the participants in an online event, be it a meeting or a training. The course deals with the basic ways of interactions: letting the participants ask questions from the presenter and the presenter to ask questions from the participants. We also consider tools available for collecting and mapping ideas from the participants as well as prioritizing among those ideas.

Each tool is presented in relation to four questions: 1) What's it about generally; 2) Is it free to use; 3) What can you use it for; and 4) How does it work in practice. In addition, the course participants have a chance to experience each tool briefly from the participant perspective.

The course begins with an introduction and a brief discussion related to why the participants should be activated in the first place. After that several tools are discussed one after another: Slido, Mentimeter, Kahoot, Zoom, Flinga, Jamboard and Socrative. Finally the last two lectures review what has been discussed during the course and provide an overview of the topic.


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