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Docker training boot camp (Part-3)

Development & IT

27/6/20, 3:07 pm

The complete Docker boot camp to learn from scratch (part 3)



Docker Learning from A to Z: (PART 3)

In this course, you will learn Docker fundamentals. Our focus is to provide you a complete boot camp in three parts to learn Docker from scratch. It would be useful for anyone interested in learning Docker, containerized application, and want to become a master in the container space. From the very first few lectures, we will do a deep dive into the inner workings of containers, so you get a core understanding of exactly how they are implemented. Once you understand what a container is, you will learn how to work with them using basic Docker CLI commands. After that, you will apply your new-found mastery of the Docker CLI to build your own custom images, effectively 'Dockerizing' your own personal applications. Finally, you will learn about Cloud-native app, Docker Swarm concepts, and managing container space in your organizations.

We provide you this free course in three parts and you should attend one by one. Also, we are preparing LAB and exam questions and would be published as soon as they are ready. it will be informative for all attended in this course and who are engaged in the Docker exam.

Please continue with part 3, and also I thank you for commenting and ranking in the first section.

Thank you for your time and consideration



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