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Detailed introduction to salesforce and career path 2020

Development & IT

13/7/20, 8:19 am

Salesforce DEMO CLASS. Includes free bonuses. Featured interview with Salesforce Managing Consultant. Detailed Intro



What you'll learn

  • Detailed introduction to Salesforce

  • Salesforce career paths

  • How to create your free Salesforce account

  • Salesforce salary information

  • Free bonuses

  • Salesforce certification paths

  • Which type of Salesforce skills are in demand


  • Featured interview with Salesforce Managing Consultant

  • Salesforce in the top 10 in-demand IT skills

  • Find out why Salesforce consultants are in demand

  • How to create your free Salesforce account

Salesforce has matured into a complex ecosystem of softwares, and if you are just a beginner, or you are curious to learn more about Salesforce, it can be bewildering to know where to start.

This course has been created by a seasoned Salesforce consultant, and will walk you through the  basics of Salesforce, and covers topics such as:

  • What is a CRM

  • Why is Salesforce the  #1 CRM system and the market leader in this segment

  • Why are Salesforce consultants in high demand

  • What are the average salaries for Salesforce consultants

  • What other solutions are offered by Salesforce

  • Which certification and career paths are suitable based on your background

  • How to create your free Salesforce account and start learning

  • Where can you get Salesforce training materials

This course features an interview with an expert Salesforce Managing Consultant, in which we cover topics such as:

  • What is the best way to start your Salesforce career

  • Which Salesforce solutions are in demand

  • What do employers look for when hiring Salesforce consultants

  • etc.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are new to the Salesforce Platform. I cover everything from scratch

  • Aspiring Salesforce Administrators, Developers and Consultants


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