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Cosmic Genesis ~ Art of Cosmic Rebirth and Empowerment

Health & Fitness

19/7/20, 9:21 am

Cosmic Rebirth to Activate the Dormant Energies and Powers by Purifying and Empowering your Energy Centers




Cosmic Genesis literally means cosmic rebirth. It is a process by which we learn to activate and take control of our inner powers and faculties.

As medical research and healing therapies discover the psychosomatic roots of every disease, there is a growing need to explore a parallel, Integrative science which seeks to heal the external factors and environment around a human being. These external factors are known to cause a disturbance in vibration and energy, which eventually results in unwanted situations and incidents. In this first course on cosmic genesis you will:

1. Dissolve any negative blockages from your energy centers

2. Use powerful mantras to release the negativity that is influencing your thought patterns

3. Empower and Protect your energy centers with ancient healing mantras

4. Experience better sleep, peaceful mind and a relaxed state of being

5. Experience the enhanced flow of cosmic energy in your entire body


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