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Complete React Bootcamp

Development & IT

15/7/20, 5:37 pm

Learn React from Scratch




What you'll learn

  • React Basics

  • React Components

  • Using Create React App

  • React Context API

  • React Router 4 Basics

  • What's New in React 16

  • Data Fetching in React

  • Deploying a React App



  • React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React makes building and maintaining the user interface of your application faster and easier by breaking it up into smaller, reusable components. It also helps eliminate the complexity that comes with updating your DOM elements when the user interacts with your application.

  • Components are the core building blocks of a React application. This course will level-up your React skills by providing a better understanding of class vs. functional components, state and lifecycle methods, and how to split your UI into reusable and composable components.

  • Learn to quickly set up React projects using Create React App.

  • In the typical React data flow, components communicate with each other via props. A parent passes props down to child components. Sometimes the intermediary components get props passed to them with the sole purpose of passing that data down one (or several) more levels deep. This cascade of props is often referred to as "prop drilling". The React Context API provides a way to pass data to components without having to pass props manually at every single level.

  • Learn to use React Router v4, a declarative routing solution for React, to manage navigation and rendering of components in your applications.

  • Get up to speed with new features in React 16, a complete rewrite of the React library.

  • Learn different methods for fetching external data in React, and how to display the data in your app.

  • Learn how to create a production build of your React application and deploy it to a server, using free tools and services like GitHub Pages, Now, and Netlify.


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