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Chios healing master level 3 ancient healing in modern world

Personal Development

20/7/20, 12:24 pm

learn the most powerful healing techniques used in Chios balance and recharge Chakras heal the seventh layer of the aura




What you'll learn

  • How to view the aura and gain information on the Chakra system

  • How to charge the seven Chakras

  • How to balance an under active or over active chakra

  • How to heal the seventh layer of the aura

  • how to detect structural Chakra defects


Welcome to your third and last level in Chios healing the master healer level, this is where you will begin to work with color and light in healing and learn some powerful new techniques such as Chakra charging and while this may sound like you just place your hands on the Chakra that needs charging as it may be done in other healing modalities. However Chios healing has a unique way of recharging undercharged Chakras not seen before. also you will be learning how to balance Chakras  now when I say balance Chakras what you will be learning is how to increase the activity in a under active Chakra and reduce the activity in a over active Chakra again using a unique approach only used in Chios healing techniques.

Now to use any of these techniques you will be bringing all you have learned from level one and level two Chios healing  making Chios healing a very unique healing modality.

Another healing technique you will be learning in the master level is healing structural defects of the Chakra system and how to become one with the Chakra you are healing, but to do this technique you will have to have some knowledge of getting yourself out of the way by practicing the orange ball meditation as this meditation will enhance your ability to all energy to work through you rather than by you.

You will also learn a powerful  technique for working on the outer layer of the aura the seventh layer using the energy from the person and magnifying that to heal the seventh layer of the aura.

You are also going to learn a very new technique that has only been introduced to Chios in recent years form the ancient healing methods and it is the most powerful healing method that is very rarely used but is used in extreme cases where lingering illness and relapse occurs and I actually leave this technique until last to teach you but you can see for yourself in the lesson.

And before you even get to learning any of these techniques I will be teaching you other techniques of viewing the layers of the aura so that you will be able to establish if a Chakra is under active or over active you will also learn to detect structural defects in the Chakras , not forgetting learning how to use the symbols you learned in level two with color and working with light in your healing work.

What you will learn

  1. Chios Healing level 3 Demonstration

  2. Using Color and light in healing

  3. Learning to visualize correctly

  4. The seven true colors of the aura

  5. Using Chios Symbols with Color

  6. visualize colored symbols

  7. Learning to view the aura layers

  8. Imperfections you may find in the layers of the aura

  9. Chios 3 Chakra System Sensing and Viewing over all Health

  10. understand and sense the Chakras

  11. Chakra Charging

  12. Balancing the chakras

  13. Radiatory Chakra Healing

  14. Seventh layer focal healing

  15. Distance and Self Healing

  16. Chios Level 3 Treatments step by step

  17. Frisson Healing

Downloads list

Chios Level 3 Treatment Positions. pdf

Chios Orange red Ball Meditation. mp3

Chios Level 3 Manual. pdf

Chios level 3 work book. pdf


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