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Chios Healing Level TWO ancient healing in a modern world

Personal Development

11/6/20, 7:40 am

Increase your Chios healing abilities with ancient symbols for calling in and channeling of healing energy




What you'll learn

  • How to channel larger amounts of healing energy

  • The use of Chios healing symbols for calling in and activating larger amounts of healing energy

  • How to unblock Chakras

  • How to charge the aura when it is found to have reduced energy

  • How to correct the flow of energy around the body

  • How to seal leaks and tears in the aura

  • How to remove impurities from the aura


Chios Healing level two is where you start to increase the amount of healing energy you will be  calling in and channeling with the use of ancient symbols that you will learn the proper way to call in with these symbols that will add to what you and learned in level one.

but not only that in level two you will be using those symbols in a unique way as you treat a person with Chios healing energy.

The treatments you will be learning are how to unblock Chakras that  you have detected while scanning the aura at the beginning of a healing session with the passing of hands technique you will also learn how to sensitize your hands more to the subtle energies you will be working with.

You will learn what you might sense as you are using the passing of hands as I have just mentioned blocked Chakras and also disturbances in the energy field such as stagnant energy, depleted energy, energy leaks in the aura, energy tears in the aura and disturbance in the energy flow of the energy field.

You will learn specific techniques for treating all these conditions that I have mentioned above with these techniques aura charging, correcting energy flow, unblocking Chakras, sealing leaks and tears with the use of the symbols you have learned with techniques that are unique to Chios and no other healing system.

What you will learn

Chios level two Demonstration

  1. Orange Red Ball Chios Meditation

  2. Visualizing The Symbols

  3. Visualizing Symbols Guided

  4. Tuning Hand Sensitivity

  5. Passing of hands and what you may sense

  6. treating leaks and tears in the aura  techniques

  7. Aura Clearing Impurities technique

  8. Unblocking Chakras technique

  9. Seeing Auric Colors

  10. Correcting Energy Flow technique

  11. Spine Clearing or cleaning

  12. Closing the Energy after a healing session


  • Chios level 2 hand treatment positions pdf

  • Chios Level 2 Treatment hand postions pdf

  • Chios level 2 workbook pdf

  • Chios Orange red Ball Meditation mp3

  • Chios Symbols.pdf (27.6 kB)


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