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Business Portfolio and Environmental Analysis


26/6/20, 7:55 am

Understanding Business Portfolio and Portfolio Analysis along with Environmental Analysis



What you'll learn

  • In-depth understanding of Business Portfolio

  • Clear understanding of Portfolio Analysis

  • Understanding of how organisations analyse their environment

  • External or Macro environmental forces that influence a business or organisation

  • Internal or Micro environmental forces that influence a business or organisation

  • Understand Marketing Analysis


Companies usually start with a single product/ service, but as they grow and expand, their products/ services and other businesses may grow as well. The combination of all the products/ services and businesses that make up a company is called "Business Portfolio".

Once you have many businesses and products operating under a single company, you need to find out a mechanism to analyse and evaluate those different ventures. This process is called "Portfolio Analysis".

A successful company will always have a clear understanding of their business portfolio and they will also know how to analyse their portfolio.

Organisations are always influenced by various types of forces. These forces or factors are called "Environmental Forces/ Factors". These factors are divided into TWO broad factors, called "External Environmental Factors" or "Macro Factors", and "Internal Environmental Factors" or "Micro Factors". Successful organisations always monitor these internal and external factors in order to stay on the top.

This course will teach you the same topics from an academic, as well as, practical perspective.

Remember, to be a successful company, you need:

  • To clearly understand what business portfolio is

  • To understand how to analyse your portfolio

  • To have a clear knowledge of environmental factors that influence your organisation

  • To know what marketing analysis is.

Luckily, this course is designed to offer you all these amazing topics.


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