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Become a Master in Tableau Desktop Specialist

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19/7/20, 9:21 am

Learn Tableau from scratch





Tableau software is one of the fastest growing data visualization tools currently used in the BI industry. This is the best way to modify or transform the raw data set into an easily understandable format without any technical skill and no coding knowledge.

That's why you can find a growing demand for Tableau Training in the IT market.

Before digging deep into Tableau, let's understand, "Why is data visualization important?"

The answer is quite simple. Data visualization is important because human beings understand visually descriptive and interesting things. Thus, working with data visualization tools like Tableau will help anyone better understand the data, as it provides access to the amount of data in easily digestible visuals. In addition, well-designed graphs are usually the simplest and most powerful way to present data.


The use of the Tableau software is listed below:

  • Tableau software is used to translate queries into visualization.

  • It is also used to manage metadata.

  • Tableau software imports data of all sizes and ranges.

  • For a non-technical user, Tableau is a life saver because it offers the ability to create "code-free" data queries.

Since its introduction, this data visualization tool has been used for the Business Intelligence industry. Organizations like Amazon, Walmart, Accenture, Lenovo, etc. make extensive use of Tableau.


Why use Tableau software when many tools are available to visualize data?

Tableau is widely used because the data can be analyzed very quickly with it. In addition, visualizations are generated in the form of dashboards and spreadsheets. Tableau creates dashboards that provide actionable information and move the business forward. Tableau products always work in virtualized environments when configured with the appropriate operating system and hardware. Tableau is used to explore data with unlimited visual analysis.

Some of Tableau's features are presented below:

  • Real-time analysis

  • Mix of data

  • Data collaboration

  • Allowing you to work without technical knowledge


The major job of Tableau software is to connect and extract data stored at various locations. It can extract data from any platform. Tableau can extract data from any database, be it Excel, PDF, Oracle or even Amazon Web Services.

Once Tableau is launched, ready-to-use data connectors allow you to connect to any database.

The extracted data can be connected live to the Tableau, Tableau Desktop data engine. This is where a data analyst or data engineer works with the extracted data and develops visualization. The dashboards created are shared with users as static files. Users who receive dashboards view files using Tableau Reader.

Data extracted from Tableau Desktop can be published on Tableau Server, which is a business platform where collaboration, distribution, governance, security model and automation functionality are supported. Using Tableau Server, end-users can access files from any location, whether it's a desktop or a mobile phone.


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