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AWS Technical Essentials - Ultimate Training Program

Development & IT

27/6/20, 3:07 pm

Learn the foundations of cloud computing, storage, and networking on AWS hands-on training program.




What you'll learn

  • The course comprises of core theoretical concepts as well as several hands-on demonstrations to help you build your practical experience on the AWS platform.


Welcome to the AWS Technical Essentials Course!

In this introductory course, you will learn about core AWS services and products. You will also gain hands-on experience through our step-by-step video demonstrations on how to build common cloud solutions. With this fundamentals course, you can make informed decisions about IT solutions based on your business requirements and start learning how to build highly available, fault tolerant, scalable and cost effective cloud solutions.

Whether you are a business looking to migrate your applications to the cloud or an IT Professional wanting learn more about the AWS platform, this course is a foundation starting point. You can then go on to take further certification courses to specialize for different job roles and starting building cloud solutions for your organization and clients.

Course Objectives

This AWS course will help you learn and understand the following:

  • AWS platform terminology and cloud concepts

  • The AWS Global Infrastructure and use cases

  • Basic AWS cloud architectural principles

  • Cloud security concepts and AWS security

  • AWS storage concepts

  • AWS networking concepts

  • AWS compute services with block storage

  • AWS Database concepts and managed database services

  • Deployment and Management options

Course Structure

The course comprises of core theoretical concepts as well as several hands-on demonstrations to help you build your practical experience on the AWS platform. By the end of the course, you will gain confidence in architecting, designing and implementing solutions on AWS to support a wide range of applications.

Project Assignment

The course also includes a Project Assignment, where we look at a typical real world scenario and learn how to fulfill a business requirement. The Project Assignment section will walk you through architecting a solution for the given scenario and demonstrate complete end-to-end implementation. At the end of the project section, you will requested to carry out the project in your own AWS Free Tier account and submit your assignment to your instructor. Your instructor will then check your assignment and grade your work.

Note: Completion of the assignment is mandatory if you would like to receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

Intended Audience

  • Individuals responsible for articulating the business benefits of AWS services

  • IT Professionals new to AWS

  • Sysops administrators and developers who are interested in using AWS services

Course Outline

  • Section 1 – Introduction to Cloud Computing, AWS Services and History of AWS

  • Section 2 – AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and other security concepts

  • Section 3 – Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • Section 4 – AWS Networking Services

  • Section 5 – AWS Elastic Compute Cloud and EBS, Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling

  • Section 6 - AWS RDS and DynamoDB NoSQL Databases

  • Section 7 - AWS Management Tools - CloudWatch and Trusted Advisor

  • Section 8 - Project Assignment - Design and Implement a cloud solution on AWS for a typical business use case


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