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The Ultimate Drawing Masterclass: Start Drawing Better Today


5/6/20, 9:25 am

Learn how to draw with this complete beginner to advanced drawing course!




What you'll learn

  • Draw any kind of art from your imagination

  • Understand drawing fundamentals and concepts like a pro

  • Draw shapes and add perspective to your artwork

  • Draw using shading and light to improve your art

  • Draw gestures that look natural and realistic

  • Complete your drawings with color

  • Know how to use composition in your drawing

  • Become confident at drawing, even if you're a complete beginner


  • No prior drawing or art background is required, this course starts as if you are a complete beginner

  • You'll need basic drawing materials which are covered in the course, starting with paper and pencil

  • A motivation to learn and practice while taking this course


Do you want to learn how to draw?

This is the only drawing course you need to get started and draw like a pro.

You won't need to trace or copy. You will be able to draw anything you want - people, animals, cartoons, landscapes, objects - right from your imagination.

Why learn with this drawing course?

By enrolling in this drawing course, you'll learn the basic concepts that any artist needs to draw realistic and professional drawings. This course will take you from absolute beginner to feeling confident as an artist.

This course includes instant access to:

  • 26+ hours of premium video lectures

  • Downloadable guides

  • Exclusive access to a student community of like-minded students

  • Lifetime course updates

  • Premium instructor support

All of this is to help you learn how to draw, easier, quicker and more comprehensively than any other drawing course, tutorial or book.

Our student happiness guarantee

If you're not happy with the course, you can get a full refund within the first 30-days of purchase. So there's absolutely no risk in enrolling today and trying it out!

Who teaches this drawing course?

This course is a partnership between Video School Online and Kevin Gardin. Video School Online has been putting together top-rated courses taken by over one million students on Udemy since 2012. Kevin Gardin is a professional illustrator and artist from Windsor, Ontario. He has an immense passion for teaching others drawing skills, as you'll see in this course.

Drawing course overview

What will you learn in this drawing course?

  • Start with the fundamentals, learning principles like drawing definitions & terms, color theory, and more

  • Learn the tools and equipment you need to start drawing - from pencils and paper to erasers and specialty drawing tools

  • Learn how to draw basic geometric forms, the building blocks of any drawing

  • Learn how to draw the human figure with proper proportions and gestures

  • Learn how to add cloth and fabrics to your drawings, a skill that will take your art to the next level

  • Learn how to properly add shading to add dimension to your drawings

  • Learn how shapes convey different stories or language about your drawings

  • Learn how to add perspective to your drawings

  • Learn how composition can improve your art, knowing what to include from one side of the frame to the other

  • Learn how to properly display and store your artwork

  • Learn how to turn your drawings into digital art, including adding color to your art

  • and so much more!

Does this sound good to you?

We're so excited that you're here reading this course description, and know that once you enroll you won't regret it.

Click that enroll button and start drawing today!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to draw

  • Anyone who wishes their drawings, sketches, painting or any other kind of artwork was better

  • Anyone wishing to add drawing to their skillset for a hobby or for their career


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