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The Complete Focus Mastery Course - Brain Concentration

Personal Development

5/8/20, 11:21 am

Dramatically Increase Your Concentration and Focus - Brain Training - Memory - Personal Productivity




What you'll learn

  • Focus mastery

  • Concentration

  • Personal productivity

  • Brain Training

  • Attention control

  • Time management

  • Mind habits

  • Power Focus

  • How to Use SelfieSpeak Programming (SSP) to command focus on what you want

  • How to build Lifelong Habits for enhanced learning and creating

  • How to deal with the #1 Focus Destroyer - Your cell phone

  • Controlling social media distractions

  • Controlling Internet news distractions

  • Controlling streaming Internet entertainment distractions

  • How to grab your own attention

  • Creating systems to ensure daily productive habits


Focus Mastery The Complete Focus Mastery Course - Brain Concentration - Dramatically Increase Your Concentration and Focus - Brain Training - Memory - Personal Productivity

Do you feel distracted in this always-on, hyper-connected digital world? Do you feel besieged by Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, family, colleagues, clients, customers and bosses shouting for your attention every second of the day?

You can grab back your own attention!

You can gain mastery of your focus!

We live in a world where every tech billionaire is begging you (through your cell phone and screens) to multitask to make them richer. But this splintering of our focus is destroying our quality of life at a professional and personal level. Now is the time to fight back. You can take back control over your mind, your attention and your focus, every second of the day.

TJ Walker is one of the most prolific personal development authors and instructors in the world (with more than a quarter of a million students on Udemy alone). Walker is the creator of SelfieSpeak Programming (SSP), a technique for you using your own voice and your own cell phone to capture the focus of your own brain throughout your day.

The SSP system is unlike any focus mastery, time management, personal productivity tool you have ever encountered. It is simple, easy to use, and requires little discipline. It is effective on the highly motivated as well as the highly lazy alike!

If you are looking for a course that goes beyond just giving you the same old advice with amusing anecdotes, you have come to the right place. TJ Walker's focus mastery course is truly different and offers ground-breaking techniques to change your life.

Enroll now in this unique focus mastery course.


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