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Stress Management Through Mindfulness, Yoga, and Meditation

Personal Development

13/6/20, 1:06 pm

Learn practices from certified stress educator and yoga teacher Maria Zayani on how to deal with stress and anxiety.




What you'll learn

  • Learn scientifically supported information about the benefits of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and breathing to resolve stress

  • Get a deeper look at ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time and use it to live a more balanced life

  • Learn how to reduce high levels of stress

  • Enjoy stunning animations and gorgeous illustrations that will make your learning experience more fun

  • Get a better sense of how your daily routines look like to see where the stress in your life could be coming from.

  • Learn the scientific facts of how and why stress is bad for your body and brain.

  • Get a well-crafted exercise book with additional helpful resources like podcast interviews, videos, and articles to expand your understanding of the topic

  • Practice two simple but highly effective breathing techniques to regulate stress and anxiety.

  • Learn 7 mindfulness approaches to obtain inner peace.

  • Find out why meditation is the medication we could all use more of.

  • Learn how to switch between the sympathetic nervous system’s “doing” mode and the parasympathetic nervous system’s “being” mode.


Hey, there! My name is Maria Zayani, and I am a certified yoga instructor and stress educator. A warm welcome and thank you for showing interest in my course on how to manage stress.

Experiencing some stress now and then is a natural part of the human experience. However, there is a clear difference between a healthy dose of stress and unhealthy amounts of stress.

Healthy stress is short-term; unhealthy stress is long-term and begins to wear on you, drastically reducing the quality of your life in many areas—personal and career-wise.

If your life mainly consists of stress, I applaud you for being here and seeking change. I myself had struggled for many years with high doses of stress and suffered from multiple burnouts in the past.

But through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, I’ve slowly but steadily been able to carve a more balanced life for myself. Eventually, it even led me on the path to becoming a certified yoga instructor and stress educator.

I care greatly about this topic, as I believe we should not allow stress to overtake or rule our lives. It can be different for everyone—and it can be different for you. Therefore, I am already happy just to have you here, reading the description of this course that I have developed together with The IPS Project, the educational platform about life. This is where you will learn specifically what stress is in order to understand it more clearly, to know how it affects your body and mind, and to learn how to cope with it better and in a healthy way.

Compared to other courses on stress management, the unique approach here in this course is that you will learn how to deal with stress through techniques like meditation, breathing, yoga, and mindfulness.

Mixing scientific studies with ancient wisdom, this course utilizes animations and gorgeous illustrations to share fundamental knowledge and different exercises that help you dial down the amount of stress you are experiencing right now—and eventually even obtain a balanced life.

I would like to invite you to take this step with me towards a better life. I have done my best to create a course that would help you. And if, during or after the course, you have any more questions about the topic of stress, I am right here for you ?.

With that, I hope to welcome you soon in our first lesson—and the start of your learning journey. All the best and have fun!

With love, Maria Zayani


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