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Stock Analysis for Beginners - Domino's Pizza Case Analysis


10/7/20, 9:58 am

Learn How To Analyze A Company's Stock & Invest Wisely. Taught By A Finance Profession With Over A Decade Of Experience




This course explores valuation techniques commonly used by Wall Street firms. The topics covered provide practical application of the standards and methods professional analysts apply on the job. Learn how to conduct stock analysis with real time application in this free stock analysis introductory course.

Featured Company

The Domino’s Pizza, Inc. (DPZ) stock price has increased 12% in 2020. Does the stock has more room for upside potential? This previously recorded live case lecture covers key fundamental events that caused the stock price to increase. We also discuss valuation analysis to determine if the stock price is currently undervalued or fairly valued by the market. Finally, we determine if the stock is a buy or sell and the potential upside or downside for the remainder of the year.

Topics we will cover include:

  • How to source press releases and news that may affect a company's stock price

  • How to conduct valuation analysis

  • How to do financial modeling

  • How to create price targets for buying and selling stocks

  • Domino's Pizza (DPZ) stock breakdown and analysis

  • How to forecast market trends

  • How to read and analyze a company's earnings report

  • How to analyze price targets and valuations

  • Technical chart analysis

  • Company Due Diligence

  • Financial Statements Modeling

  • Discounted Cash Flow

  • WACC

  • Comparable Company Analysis

  • A practical approach to investing

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner finance students looking to learn about the analyst side of finance. This is an ideal introductory course to get a good understanding of what finance professionals learn and do on any given work day.

  • Finance college students looking to break into the world of finance

  • Peopling looking to trade stocks practically and logically


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