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Singer's Holistic Voice Warm Up Course


10/6/20, 8:28 am

Unstoppable Before Every Performance!



What you'll learn

  • Voice Warm Up with Exercises

  • Mindfulness For Singers

  • Full Body Activation

  • Get Rid Off Stagefright

  • Get Rid Of Muscle Tension


Are you overwhelmed each time before you have to go on stage or sing in front of others? Are you in constant fear about not hitting those high notes? Is your mind scattered every time you have to perform? Are you tired of looking for warm up tutorials on youtube and STILL not knowing how to prepare your voice for amazing singing?

With this step by step holistic warm up course, I got you covered!

I will guide you through learning how to harness your mental focus, calm your pre-show nerves, fuel your body with the most uplifting energy & of course warm up your actual voice SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY. No more wondering if you do it right only to go on stage and realise you didn't give your voice exactly what it needed to perform. Mastering your voice starts with knowing what your voice NEEDS and through this course I am giving you all the tools and steps to achieve exactly that.

Let's do this together!


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