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Roles & Responsibilities In A Project


15/7/20, 5:37 pm

Learn about the different people involved in doing a project




What you'll learn

  • The students will learn that projects have a lot of different people involved in them. A collaboration is needed between the team members, customer, stakeholders and others to make a project a success. Students get to learn about the different roles and responsibilities.


In order to do a successful project, we need to know about all the different people and groups, that become a part of a project. What is it that they do in a project. How do they engage in a project and HOW do you as a project manager manage these different groups. REMEMBER, projects are a collaborative effort!

By end of this class, you will have a good understanding of some of the critical roles in a project and how they help complete a project successfully. If you do not know, who are these different resources, we as leaders, cannot successfully create a resource plan or build an execution strategy.

At the end of the course, you will do a project to define roles and assign responsibilities for the people in your project work.

This course is to the point  and will give you the information you need to lead a project, a team and engage stakeholders.


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