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Pranayama for Sexual Health & Well Being, Increased Libido


26/6/20, 7:55 am

Boost Your Sexual Health and Cure Sexual Disorders by Enhancing your Libido using Cosmic Energy Breathing Techniques




What you'll learn

  • Ancient Indian Yogic Breathing Exercises to Cure the Sexual Disorders

  • Enhance the Flow of Cosmic Energy to Vital Body Organs and Tissues

  • Activate the Sexual Chakra to Enhance Libido

  • Detoxify the System to Enhance Blood Flow and Remove Toxins


Yoga is a very ancient science, at the core of which lies the well-being of the body and soul, it cleanses the mind, repairs the body and liberates the soul, if done properly. When the body and mind are healthy, it is only natural that all processes concerned with them should also benefit. Sex is a union of the body and mind, and yoga can enhance that experience. Medical experts now accepts the power of yoga to improve insipid and sluggish sex lives. A persons sexual well-being is inseparable from his overall vitality.

Many yoga asanas regulate the endocrine system, which we all know produces various hormones critical to optimum sexual functioning. Exercises such as pranayams like bhambri pranayam and anulom-vilom perk up the endocrine organs. Vajroli and ashwini mudras increase blood flow to the genitals, which improves both erectile and orgasmic responses.

Pranayama works on the root cause of all disease by working on the etheric body and enhancing the bodies own healing powers naturally. It is completely safe and has no known side effects and the results are immediate, long lasting and permanent.


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