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Personal & Business Development for Startup Founders


8/6/20, 7:03 pm

The Complete Startup Playbook for succeeding as an Entrepreneur by learning Goal Setting, Time Management, & Much More.




What you'll learn

  • Students will learn why they need a unique set of skills prior to starting their first company.

  • You will be able to identify what characteristics and skills you have or need to develop prior to starting your entrepreneurial venture.

  • Learn to define your vision, achieve massive goals and... enjoy the journey with strategies used by the top 1%.

  • You don't NEED money to start a business! With help from the lean startup and a few personal money management tips you'll be ready to start your business in no time.

  • A quick productivity and time management lesson designed to increase your entrepreneurial results.

  • Learn how to develop the strong personal and professional relationships that you'll need to achieve your startup goals.

  • Learn to be unstoppable as an entrepreneur by discovering your passions and motivations.



You might already have an amazing idea or you might already be fully committed to the idea of starting your own company... but actually developing a company and generating sales is super hard without the proper skills.

The first challenge most first time entrepreneurs come across is the extreme uncertainty of knowing where to start. There is no roadmap, there is no guidance, and there is nobody to blame when things go wrong.

The second challenge most first time entrepreneurs come across is knowing if they have the skills it takes to jump into the world of entrepreneurship. Do they have the skills to succeed, the money to succeed, the passion to succeed, or the people around them to succeed?

Now, most first time entrepreneurs aimlessly try to learn if they have what it takes on the fly, with zero help from a seasoned expert... which we all know can lead to inconsistent results, a huge waste of time, and potential failure.


I've created a PROVEN course for first time entrepreneurs, to help them develop the skills needed to successfully launch a startup. It's called Educating Entrepreneurs.

Unlike other courses, Educating Entrepreneurs is designed to give you a step by step process that you can follow when starting and growing your business.

This is the first course of a series of courses, designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed PRIOR TO STARTING YOUR BUSINESS. In this course, I'll cover:

  • Why you need a unique set of skills prior to starting your first company and how you can develop those skills.

  • How to define your vision, achieve massive goals and... enjoy the journey with strategies used by the top 1%.

  • A basic overview on why and how you can implement the Lean Startup into your company to avoid losing money and time.

  • How to save money for your future business by learning to control and eliminate excess spending in your existing budgets.

  • How to increase productivity and improve your time management skills while increasing your entrepreneurial results.

  • How to develop a strong, deep and diverse network to enhance opportunities to learn, grow and expand your startup.

  • The best strategies to find exactly what type of company you should create based on your passions, skills, and life experiences.

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know prior to jumping into the world of entrepreneurship! Don't go into entrepreneurship blind... use the experiences of people who have done it countless times and follow a proven roadmap to improve your chances of success.

Also, I'm so confident that the Educating Entrepreneurs courses will work for YOU and help YOU grow as an entrepreneur, I'll offer a money back guarantee.


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