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Online Teaching Tools | How to Record Your Lectures At Home


20/7/20, 12:24 pm

Learn these tools to record your lectures at Home and then share with your students | Remote Teaching




If you want to deliver your lectures virtually but you DO NOT want to go LIVE, rather you want to RECORD your lectures first. Make sure that they look PERFECT before you share them with your students.

This is the right course for you. I am going to teach you in step-by-step approach various platforms available to do the following:

  • Download the free audio recording software

  • Record Audios of your lectures

  • Edit it to remove inconsistencies and convert it in an audio file, then share it with your students

  • Download many video recording software

  • How to use these video/ screen recording software to record your lectures

  • Learn basic editing using various software and then convert it into a video file and share it with your students

  • How to use Google Drive to share audio and video lectures with your students

  • How to upload videos on YouTube

I am confident that after completing this course, you will be able to just start recording your lectures.

Just enrol and enjoy!

Don't forget to complete the course and leave your valuable feedback/ review.


Dr. Jan


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