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Military English/Professional development. Part 1 Assessment


19/7/20, 9:21 am

Part 1. CyberSecurity on Military




Military English. Professional development.Part 1. CyberSecurity on Military.Assessment

Assessment of security preparedness is an important role for countries.

The assessment helps test the security controls as well as identifying the gaps in security infrastructure and policy. A security assessment can be done at multiple levels.

First, individual security controls can be tested using auditing tools. Second, assessment can be done at a holistic, system, or organizational level through exercises and real-time simulations.

This block introduces the tools and processes of security audits and assessments.

This will allow YOU to learn how the assessment of residual vulnerability in systems can be identified and weighed; moreover, such audits and assessments help establish how to gauge cyber systems readiness to deal with specific types of known threat actors and to prepare for activities where an unknown threat emerges (so-called zero-day threats because there is no warning of their specific means of attack or malign action).

Put Your Knowledge In The Right Mindset To Start Taking Action.

Part 1. CyberSecurity on Military

This part aims to address cybersecurity broadly but in sufficient depth that non-technical experts will develop a more complete picture of the technological issues and technology experts will more completely appreciate national and international security policy and defense policy implications.

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