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Learn EFT Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT for Rapid Change

Personal Development

7/7/20, 4:27 pm

EFT a simple to learn and apply eft technique for rapid relief from anxiety, pain, fear, phobia, PTSD many more issues




What you'll learn

  • use this technique to overcome many of their limitations such as fear, anxiety, cravings eg. cigarettes and food

  • Change how you feel and respond to any situation in your life

  • Reduce stress from your life with a simple technique

  • downloadable mp3 files

  • downloadable pdfs

  • 157 page downloadable EBook with protocols for issues from A to Z using EFT

  • All Videos are downloadable for easier access offline


Learn EFT Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT for Rapid Change

Now  with over 70 Online Reviews

5 Star Review

Alan has a great "therapy" voice that immediately puts you at ease. I liked the background scenery as well in the exercises. Nature does connect us to our bodies like nothing else. I learned a lot. I came across a video about EFT Tapping on Facebook. There are many school districts teaching it to children as stress and anxiety effect so many children today. And this is leading to increased mental health issues. I felt that watching the video was clearly not enough information about EFT and somewhere in my searching this course popped up. I didn't hesitate to sign up because I have taken other courses through UDEMY and I would recommend them to anyone. I am a middle school teacher and it is my goal to bring EFT into my school. I showed the video I found to our assistant principal and she was very intrigued and wanted to know more. So now, thanks to Alan, I have that much more information to share with her. There are RESOURCES provided with this course! Thank you! I do wish there was a diagram that not only showed the Meridian points but the organs each one is connected to. It would make it easier to remember.

Gloria Budz

If you have been suffering from negative feelings or emotions  this is the course to help you beat that feeling of helplessness with a easy to learn and apply technique that I will teach and guide you through each exercise so that you will be able to change how you think and feel and become a more relaxed person in all areas of your life. The technique I will be teaching you is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) it is a gentle tapping technique where when you tap on certain points on the body while thinking about a problem you reduce or eliminate the bad feelings attached to that problem. This technique may seem a little silly however the reason you are reading this is because what you have tried before has not worked whether that be medication or therapy. I am so confident you will get results from taking the time to learn and apply this technique that Udemy is offering you a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk or cost to you if what I teach you does not work. However as I have been using this technique for so many years with excellent results with my clients that I decided to create this course so I could reach out and help as many people as I can.

So what will I teach you

What is EFT

The EFT Tapping points

EFT Tapping Points and Energy Meridians they are connected to

Proof that mind and body are connected

The Setup Phrase

The Reminder Phrase

The Breathing Exercise

Let go negative emotions with EFT

Mopping up with EFT

Mopping up with EFT using color

the terrible cost of unforgiveness

Eliminate anger towards yourself and others with EFT

My Secret Tips

Advanced EFT Technique

Bonus EFT Video Sessions

1. Stop Exam Anxiety with EFT

2. Get what you really want with EFT

3. Asthma Relief with EFT

4. EFT for people with Dyslexia

5. EFT for Diabetic Food Cravings

6. Overcome Racism with EFT

7. EFT for carpal tunnel syndrome

8. EFT for Fear of Blood

Bonus EFT Session Downloads

1. Anger elimination session

2. Anxiety session

3. EFT Healing with The Seven Archangels

4. EFT rejection session

5. Freedom from fear session

6. Freedom from stress with EFT

7. IBS Relief with EFT

8. Expectation of loss of sexual pleasure

9. Imaginary tapping session

10. Improve sports performance.

11. Improve your sex life

12. Let go of bad feelings with EFT

13. Letting go feelings of worry with EFT

14. Negative emotions session

15. OCD Relief with EFT

16. Pain relief with EFT

17. Panic attack release session

18. Release Self sabotaging feelings of Guilt

19. Release feelings of being bullied

20. Tension Relief With EFT


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