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Learn about Social Anxiety: Psychology to set you free

Health & Fitness

4/6/20, 8:51 am

The what, why, and how of social anxiety. Learning how to support and treat people as well as improve their wellbeing




What you'll learn

  • Social anxiety/social phobia, what it is, how do people experience this, features of social anxiety as well as underlying psychological mechanisms and interventions to support people who experience social anxiety


  • To come in with an open mind to learn!


Have you ever felt anxious in a social situation? Has this anxiety ever felt crippling, stopping you in your tracks and made you want to retreat back to your safe space? Alternatively, do you know someone who feels this way and struggles with an overwhelming sense of anxiety in social situations? Or, are you a student of mental health and psychology wanting to learn more about how to support people who struggle with social anxiety?

I would like to welcome to this course and congratulate you for taking the first step to learning about social anxiety. In this course, we will discuss all aspects of social anxiety, or otherwise known as social phobia. I will take you through a journey of considering what is social anxiety, the differences of social anxiety with and without agoraphobia, how people experience social anxiety, how and why it develops, as well as the psychological mechanisms that underlie and maintain the persistence of this anxiety. We will also be discussing different treatment options available for people who may be struggling with social anxiety, as well as going through specific example techniques that we can consider its application.

This course is useful for people who want to learn about social anxiety from an educational standpoint, as well as people who may be struggling with this difficulty themselves or have a friend or family member who is struggling and wishes to support them. With this course, as all of my other courses, I hope that we can enter with an open mind, embracing loving kindness as well as holding a compassionate position so we can better understand mental health difficulties and support ourselves to live better lives.

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in mental health and mental health difficulties; people experiencing mental health difficulties or their family and friends; as well as students of psychology and / or areas of mental health

  • Beginners all the way to expert level in mental health and specifically social anxiety


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