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How to Make More Money in the Modern World | Episode 2


23/7/20, 9:16 am

Tools and Applications to Create Passive Income and Additional Revenue Streams, More Money




How to Make Money in the Modern World is a Mini Course that will walk you through different technologies, tools, apps and products which you can use to generate more money.

In this course you will discover a world of opportunities for you to consider when starting your journey in the fascinating world of entrepreneurship. We will go through different options and real world examples of people who are already making money with these tools and apps so that you can explore their journey, learn from them, get yourself inspired and start making it happen for yourself.

Yes, it's possible, yes you can and yes you will. Repeat after me, Yes, it's possible, yes you can and yes you will. I feel excited for you and I look fwd to see what you come up with. This is not a get rich quick scheme nor a one size fits all approach. One of my goals in this course is to help you identify those opportunities that leverage on your strengths and talents to make more money.

Ever wondered how some people can make a living of the internet? Of taking pictures? Podcasting? Teaching? Writing? And the likes? Do you ever feel or know deep down inside that with a 9-5 job you will never reach the level of wealth that you dream of for yourself or your family? Or did you simply just want to explore a side hustle so you can have a bit of money for that dream holiday or that new thing that you want to buy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is for you and I'm here to help you in your journey.


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