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How to Enjoy Stress-free Dog Walks - The LIVE seminar


23/7/20, 9:16 am

How to go from stressed out dog walker to safe




Are you a dog owner who dreads taking your dog to the park because you feel embarassed by his unruly behaviour?

Is your daily walk ruined because your dog is too easily distracted by birds, squirrels and other dogs?

Do you want to understand you dog and help him fix his annoying bad habits?

Then you've come to the right course because in this LIVE seminar, best-selling author 'The King of Canine Common Sense', Dom Hodgson, will show you how to reconnect with your distracted dog, so you can banish the bad habits, fix his focus issues so you can finally enjoy safe, stress-free trips to the park, beach and woods.

You got a dog to enjoy walking together, but somewhere along the line you lost control. That happens to a lot of dog owners, but there is a way to fix it if you follow the simple, straight-forward training secrets that Dom shares in this course.

You will learn;

  • How to pre-exhaust your dog BEFORE you leave the house so your dog has less energy to pull and lunge.

  • How to use the ‘Safety Audit’ to eliminate bad habits, and turn your chaotic dog walk into a safe, secure and stress-free experience.

  • How to tap into your dog’s ‘pre-programmed’ breed traits, and provide fun and engaging games that will keep him laser-focused on you.

  • How to turn your sniffy dog into a scentwork specialise who can find toys, keys and even a friend or family member on the walk

  • How to use the power of play to influence and ‘entertain’ your dog, so he never leaves your side even if there are birds, squirrels and other dogs nearby!

Get ready for change, because this seminar holds the answers to your dog owning prayers…

Don't delay, get the expert help you need now.

I look forward to helping you re-connect with your dog.

This course is also perfect for dog walkers who are struggling to control multiple dogs on a walk.


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