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How To Discover Viral Content With BuzzSumo In 2018


26/6/20, 7:55 am

The Complete Guide to Use The No. #1 Content Analysis Tool




What you'll learn

  • How to use the #1 content analysis tool in the market

  • Discover most shared content across all networks with just a few clicks

  • Find & engage with top influencers in your market

  • Track the performance of your competitors and outperform them

  • Discover how the best performing content in your niche market is structured

  • Improve your social media strategy

  • Get more organic traffic

  • … and much more!


In this course, you’ll discover how to use the most sophisticated content analysis tool in the market: BuzzSumo.

If you want to harness the power of content to grow your business, get more organic traffic and delight your customers, then BuzzSumo is the perfect tool for you:

  • Powerful content insights: discover the most shared content across all social networks and run detailed analysis reports

  • Influencer Amplification: Find influencers in any topic area, review the content they share and amplify

  • Content Alerts: Be the first to see content mentioning your keyword, or when an author or competitor publishes new content

  • Competitor Analysis: Track your competitors performance and do detailed comparisons

Contents & Overview

First, I’ll show you how BuzzSumo works by introducing you to all main features.

Next, you’ll discover how to identify the most shared content on any given topic with just a few clicks, how to display trending content in your niche, and how to reverse-engineer the social media strategy of your competitors.

Next, you’ll learn how to engage and identify major influencers in your market and monitor your competition, so you understand what content works.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll know the tips & tricks to use BuzzSumo to grow your business with content, outperform your competition and position yourself as the go-to source in your market!


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