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How to Create Your First Online Course on Udemy - Unofficial


23/7/20, 9:16 am

How to Create your First Online Course to earn passive income in this Post Lockdown World (Unofficial)




What you'll learn

  • The listeners shall learn how to beat procrastination and gain the confidence to teach.

  • They would learn how to pick a topic to teach

  • The would learn how to find that motivation to teach on Udemy

  • They would know how to plan their time to teach on the platform


After the whole world went through a lockdown, many have been trying to find ways to take care of their personal economy and build a passive income. Aside from that many teachers had to be creative in the way they teach and reaching out to their students. Looking at this, there has been an increase in demand for online courses to enable students to learn and grow. So with that, we have created and updated this course so as to guide you in your journey in creating your first course on this platform.

Aside from that our we may have fear and resistance in our journey, whereby we may face :

Fear - What people will say ?, What if I am not the best ? What if I am not interesting ?

Time Commitments - How do I even find time ? How do I find the energy ?

If this is you, then this course shall teach you how to over come the negative mental messages you your mind so as to get the motivation to move forward.

I created this course for the newbie which are not sure if they want to create a course, know they have lots to share but is not sure if its possible

This course shall share with you the strategy of creating your first Online Course on the Udemy Platform.


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