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Home Office - The Best Guide to be Productive at Home

Personal Development

22/6/20, 11:13 am

Learn the best practices of being productive in home office




What you'll learn

  • Home office productivity

  • Self-improvement tips

  • Time management

  • IT Security

  • Remote collaboration

  • Office Productivity


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a.k.a COVID-19, millions of workers experienced the concept of home office. For a lot of them, this experience is completely new. Creating their own work schedule, collaborating remotely with colleagues while also tending to household chore poses a great challenge for many of us.

This course aims to help easing these new problems with giving scientifically proven and widely used tips & tricks that anyone can implement right away! We will give you practices that anyone can start doing right away. These tips will touch on remote collaboration, IT security as well as motivation, stress and time management. Furthermore, we chose techniques that are not only relevant today, but will be really useful even after the pandemic.

We are sure that you will find these tips & tricks useful and hope that they will allow you to spend the workdays more efficiently and stress free!


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