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Goal Setting: How to Set, Stick to, And Achieve Your Goals

Personal Development

10/6/20, 8:28 am

Goal Setting, Goal Achievement, Personal Development, Manifestation




What you'll learn

  • How to set, stick to and achieve goals


Success is not an accident — it's a choice.

The question is, will you choose to harness personal success for yourself or not?

The truth is — so many people won't. And it's not because they don't have dreams and goals. It's because they don't have a real strategy to stick to and achieve those goals.

Setting goals is easy. Achieving them takes work.

As we move through life we all experience obstacles and challenges that get in our way. And we all too often make unconscious decisions and adopt unconscious beliefs that hold us back.

That's why this isn't going to be another course on goal setting.

This is a course about STICKING to and ACHIEVING your goals. But, before you can do that, you have to first determine if the goals you're setting actually belong to you OR if they belong to someone else (like your mom, boss, partner, etc.), and you've just applied them to your life with the assumption that you *should* achieve these things because achievement equates to success.

This course is about digging deep, unleashing the unnecessary stuff that's holding you back, and truly uncovering the things you want in your life and WHY you want those things. Then once you sort that out, you'll learn techniques and strategies for how you can stick to and achieve your goals.


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