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Git and GitHub from scratch

Development & IT

20/5/21, 6:42 pm

Basics of te most popular version control system for people who has not used Git and GitHub before




What you'll learn

  • What is Git and how to use it

  • Using GitHub - creating, uploading, cloning ant updating repository

  • Using command line interpreter - Git Bash and Powershell

  • Working with GitHub in Visual Studio Code

  • Uploading a project to GitHub and GitHub Pages


  • HTML and CSS basics


A version control system is very useful in programmers work (for creating backup or saving various versions of a project) and integral part of working in a team. Git is the most popular and free system so it is worth learning. This course is dedicated to people who have not yet used Git and GitHub and includes fundamentals of using them in own projects and team work. You will learn what is Git and how to use it in basic range, as well as how to use GitHub and work on GitHub repository. You will also get to know command line interpreters (PowerShell and Git Bash), learn how to publish projects on GitHub Pages and integrate Git, GitHub and Visual Studio Code. This course is taught in light and easy to understand language so that anyone can quickly and smoothly learn Git principles and apply it at work or in further study. Do you want to impress your future employer? Show him your remote repositories on GitHub and show off the effect of your work by hosting your projects on GitHub Pages! There is a lot of resources on the web where you can learn how to do something with Git, but with this course you will not only know how to use Git in practice, but also how and why Git works a certain way and you will learn its mechanics. Don't wait, start learning Git and GitHub today!

Who this course is for:

  • People who have not used Git and GitHub yet

  • People that want to use GitHub for uploading personal projects (e.g. creating portfolio)

  • Programmers that need to learn Git and GitHub to use it at work


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