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Diet and Nutrition: Your Complete Fitness Guide

Health & Fitness

10/7/20, 9:58 am

Learn about essentials of diet and nutrition to achieve fitness by eating healthy.




What you'll learn

  • Understand what the Macro Nutrients are and the role they play in our bodies

  • Understand what the Micro Nutrients are and the role they play in our bodies

  • Find out the Recommended Dosage for micro nutrients

  • Learn the common Deficiencies and Toxicities



  1. The primary goal of the program is to introduce the users to the fundamentals of diet and nutrition as well as the fundamentals of planning out a self-designed diet plan with balanced nutrition.

  2. The secondary goal of the program is to provide the users with the necessary techniques that would self-sustain their fitness in day to day life with understanding on various aspects of nutrition that include macro and micro nutrients.

  3. The program is expressed in a manner to ensure that the users are able to progress throughout the program with easy to grasp summarized knowledge that can be practically executed by preparing a balanced diet and nutrition plan.


"I have developed the course to provide you with easily understandable diet and nutrition planning that is focused on fitness as it's primary focus. Nearly 81% of the people are unaware of the importance of diet and nutrition in our day to day life that can help them achieve their fitness goals. The very course is designed by Axefit to ensure that users are provided with quick relevant knowledge about Diet & Nutrition. It is highly recommended that you execute the provided knowledge as explained in the course and your chances of achieving your fitness goal are going to be higher"


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