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Creative Thinking : How to Think More Creatively

Personal Development

9/7/20, 10:41 am

Learn to Use Mind Mapping and Creative Problem Solving



What you'll learn

  • Creative thinking.

  • How to think creatively.

  • How to approach situations and problems in new ways.

  • Creative problem solving.

  • Mind mapping

  • How to apply creative thought processes to your business

  • How to generate more creativity in your business

  • Why creativity is important in a business


Creative Thinking is something many people struggle with. It's not taught in schools like logical problem solving. In this course we are going to go over how to generate more creative thought as well as how to develop more of a culture of creative thinking within your organization. There are creative thinking exercises included in this course that will help to get your in the creative mindset.

We will discuss how you can use different parts of your brain for creative thinking for problem solving (practical creativity). Your ability to be creative is like a muscle. It needs to be exercised to retain strength.

We will will learn how to use mind mapping to generate more creative ideas. We will do this by first examining how to perform mind mapping, then we will examine how you can utilize mind mapping in meetings or at work to help improve your creative processes.

Why should you learn to be more creative?

1. Creativity encourages us to be lifelong learners:
Creativity requires the humbleness to know that there is always room for self-improvement.

2. Creativity allows you and others to express yourselves:
An integral part of the being human is learning who we are and recognizing how we fit into the the world. Creativity allows for constant self-discovery and the opportunity to share a hidden side of ourselves.

3. Creativity promotes thinking and aids with problem-solving:
Problem-solving is a required component of the creative process!

4. Creativity helps you reduce stress and anxiety:
People usually pursue creative projects because they enjoy the process or the outcome. For many artists and hobbyist the simple creative art of creating something new or unseen is the primary way they relieve stress and anxiety.

5. Creativity allows you to enter your happy place:
Creativity is really another form of play which is universally important to each individual’s sense of joy and fulfillment. Imagine if work felt more like play, then all the stress would melt away.

6. Creativity is a prerequisite for innovation:
New ideas are inspired and created by imagination and creativity.

7. Creativity can lead to feelings of accomplishment and pride:
The combination of brainstorming and the creative process are the perfect recipe for personal and professional satisfaction.

8. Creativity improves your ability to focus:
The act of creating requires dedication and commitment. Not only for 1 project but dedication and commitment to the creative process itself.

9. Creativity promotes risk-taking and persistence:
Creaives fail and fail often. They have to get up. The creative process can be long and hard and full of set backs but getting used to the cycle of failure and growth can add a level of persistence to a team that elevates it to another level.

10. Creativity is Multidisciplinary:
You can practice creativity through many different mediums and apply the benefits of creativity to all professions.


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