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Comprehensive Cold Email Sales Guide: Cold Email Templates


6/6/20, 5:02 am

Schedule meetings emailing small to large companies for business development, B2B, startups, consultants & entrepreneurs



What you'll learn:

  • PROVEN cold email methods to get meetings with anyone and grow your business

  • How to write amazing emails that get RESPONSES even if you don't have any copywriting experience

  • How to use email SCRIPTS and TEMPLATES top sales professionals use

  • How to get consistent leads every month

  • How to get meetings with your dream clients as an entrepreneur, freelancer, business development professional, sales person, or consultant

  • How to find an infinite amount of companies and people who will be interested in your product or service


You might be offering an amazing product or service…but getting your foot in the door to schedule that first meeting with your dream clients is usually the hardest part.

Most people aimlessly try finding new clients by cold calling or going to networking events, which we all know can lead to inconsistent results, and frankly, can be a huge waste of time. There has to be a better way, right?

Fortunately, there is a PROVEN method top sales people and entrepreneurs having been using to schedule appointments with their dream clients for years, and it’s called COLD EMAILING.

Now cold emails are, easily and decisively, one of the most effective ways for an individual or business to develop a business relationship with another company.

Email is so pervasive in our everyday lives, and will continue to be the overwhelmingly dominant form of communication to do business in as time goes on.

Not a day goes by where you, or someone around you, doesn’t check their email. As a sales person or an entrepreneur, this is a powerful concept.



For most people, whether they’re sales people, freelancers, consultants, or entrepreneurs, they spend hours of their personal time writing and sending poorly written emails that get ZERO RESPONSES…and eventually give up thinking cold emails don’t work.

Here’s the good news: this failure is an OPPORTUNITY for YOU.

As long as you use the techniques in the COMPREHENSIVE COLD EMAIL SALES GUIDE (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you can get a meeting with ANYONE.

Here are some of the many things I’ll cover for you in this course that trains on how to master cold emailing (and, get meetings with your dream clients):

  • How to send cold emails and get a meeting with ANYONE from small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies

  • How to find the right decision maker to reach out to

  • Why identifying your customers’ main PAIN points is critical and how to solve for their PAIN

  • How to think and write like a professional copywriter

  • Cold Email Scripts and Templates for every situation

  • When and how to follow up to people who “play hard to get”

  • How to convert emails into REAL meetings via phone or in-person

This course will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to get a meeting with ANYONE whether you’ve tried cold emailing before or you’re just getting started.


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