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Business & Corporate Finance Fundamentals, DCF, & Valuation


27/6/20, 3:07 pm

Learn Core Finance in 2 hours: Time Value of Money, Discounted Cash flow, Shares, Bonds, Investment & Company Valuation




What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Personal Finance and Business Finance

  • Capital and Types of Capital: Equity & Debt

  • Financial Instruments: Shares and Bonds

  • Interest and Types of Interest: Simple and Compound Interest

  • Time Value of Money and DCF

  • Net Present Value - NPV

  • Project Appraisal


Finance is the ART of Money Management. So, it goes without saying that, Finance is an integral part of the life of every person, business, and project.

Why you should learn Finance:

Basic knowledge of Finance is helpful every day, be it personal life of a business, like making borrowing, lending, or investing decisions.  Choosing between buying a home/car or mortgaging it. Evaluating projects and startup ideas, choosing the best alternative from the options available.

Basic knowledge of Finance can help you evaluate projects, make better decisions, and participate in strategic discussions.

Who should take this course:

  • Finance and Accounting Students

  • Business Students

  • Aspiring Finance Professionals

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Investors

  • Startup founders

Why you should take this course:

This course on Business and Corporate Finance Fundamentals is designed to give learners a head start in their studies, job, and business. Starting the definition of finance, it covers the types of finance, financial instruments used in business, and key concepts like Time Value of Money and Discounted Cashflow.

The course is very brief on theory, but at the same time, it includes hands-on practice. Students will be performing a complete project apprisal using DCF methods.


This course starts from zero, no background knowledge is required to start learning in this course. Even 12 years old can also learn Finance in this course.


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