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Build chatbots for Android using Dialogflow,Android studio

Development & IT

30/6/20, 6:46 am

Develop your own Android Assistant and chatbots for Android using Dialogflow and NLP.Intelligent Android App Development




What you'll learn

  • How to develop their own Android virtual Assistant

  • Build chatbots for Android using Dialogflow and Android Studio

  • Build responsive Applications for Android

  • Practical use of NLP(Natural Language Processing) in Android

  • Build chatbot to answer common questions

  • Chatbots to Launch Application and Games on Android

  • Chatbot for doing web search on Android

  • Build chatbots for making calls and sending SMS

  • Build chatbot for opening Maps and Starting navigation on Android

  • Use of API AI in Android App Development

  • Explore Features of Dialogflow

  • Integrate existing chatbot inside your own chatbot

  • Integrate Dialogueflow chatbots in Android using Android Studio

  • Combine different chatbots to build Assistant for Android



  • You should have some basic knowledge of Android App Development using Java


If you have basic knowledge of Android Development and want to build chatbots and smart Android Apps for Android you are at the right place.

Welcome to the most comprehensive course for developing chatbots and building a Virtual Assistant for Android. Learn concepts, tools, and techniques that you will need to build fully functional chatbots for Android Devices.

After completing this course you will be able to build chatbots for Android and add chatbots inside existing Android Applications. Apart from that, you will have your very own Assistant.


In this course, we will build our very own Assistant and chatbots for Android using Dialogflow and Android Studio. We will start by looking at Dialogflow API and the features it provides. Then we will build our first chatbot for Android using Dialogflow and Android studio. After that, we will learn about the different components of Dialogflow and build different chatbots. Our Assistant will be a combination of these small different chatbots.

We will firstly name our Assistant than we will build different chatbots and add them inside our Assistant. We will build chatbots for

  • Telling Jokes

  • Doing Websearch for us

  • Launching Application and Games

  • Sending SMS

  • Making Calls

  • Translating text

  • Answering common questions

  • Opening Maps and starting  Navigationsand much more

For each feature of our Assistant, we will build a chatbot and add it inside our Assistant. For each chatbot we will firstly train our Dialogflow agent then we will write the code to implement that feature in Android using Android studio.

This course features an ever-evolving project-based curriculum that will see new sections, case studies, and examples being added on a regular basis. This is critical because this technology space is growing by leaps & bounds and consequently this course aims to keep up with the pace. All of this comes with personalized help, hand-holding, and support.

And even before reaching the end of the course, you will be able to build your very own Personal Assistant for Android which contains features of different chatbots. We will also explore prebuilt chatbots and customize them and add them inside our Android Assistant.

Almost all industries, ranging from entertainment, medicine, hospitality, performing arts, banking, aviation, and more are already eyeing the chatbot space to enhance customer engagement for business and marketing.

The bottom line is - we're at a stage in the evolution of chatbots where mobile apps were back in 2007 when Apple announced the first iPhone.

Grab the opportunity today.

Join me, as we understand, design, and build our own Android Assistant and chatbots.


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