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Build Athletic Body: A 10 Weeks Superhero Home Workout Plan

Health & Fitness

13/7/20, 8:19 am

Learn Building Muscle & Fat Loss By Home Workout, Intermittent Fasting, Nutrition Planning & Fitness Secret of Athletes




What you'll learn

  • Building Muscles

  • Fat Loss

  • Body Weight Workout

  • Home Workout

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Nutrition

  • Body Assessment Tools

  • Body Maintenance Plan

  • Building Diet Plan


Course Structure:

The course is structured in a manner that you would initially be provided with basic knowledge about assessing your body with different body assessment tools to ensure that you are able to analyze your body and are able to understand your fitness goal. The course will the provide you with detailed knowledge about nutrition and its role in your fitness. The course will help you understand the different aspects of nutrition and in doing so, provide you with valuable knowledge about fat loss diet and muscle building diet. The course is also keen to provide you with detailed knowledge about intermittent fasting and explore its various benefits that range from fat loss to naturally achieving ketosis. A detailed DIET BOOK is included within the plan that can be downloaded.

The course seeks to provide you with knowledge on highly effective home workout routines with detailed 10 weeks home workout plan that is designed to help you teach calisthenic training methods from beginner to professional level. A 10 weeks home workout plan is attached within the course to help you get started with your fitness journey. The course further details on methods of expediting fat loss, building muscle, maintaining your muscle mass and get a superhero physique.


  1. The program is designed to provide the user understanding on fundamentals of Building Muscle, Fat loss, Nutrition, Fitness, Calisthenic Workout and Intermittent Fasting. The primary goal of the program is to introduce the users to the fundamental of planning out a self-designed program that will provide them with quick muscle building, fat loss and home workout plan.

  2. The secondary goal of the program is to provide the users with the necessary techniques that would self-sustain their fitness in day to day life and achieve a superhero shredded physique with home workout plan that can be executed at ease.

  3. The program is expressed in a manner to ensure that the users are able to progress throughout the program with easy to grasp summarized knowledge about Building Muscle, Fat loss, Nutrition, Fitness, Calisthenic Workout and Intermittent Fasting that can be practically executed.


"I have developed the course to provide you with easily executable fitness plan that is focused on muscle building, fat loss, nutrition planning, intermittent fasting and home workout plan as it's primary focus. Several people are unable to find either the place or time to workout. Nearly 61% of the people are looking building muscle, fat loss, nutrition planning, intermittent fasting or home workout plan that is actually effective in providing them with a superhero physique. Hence, the very course is designed by Axefit to ensure that users are provided with quick relevant knowledge about fitness that can be achieved by home workout plan. It is highly recommended that you execute the provided knowledge as explained in the course and your chances of achieving your fitness goal are going to be higher"



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