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Bootstrap 5 Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step)

Development & IT

24/8/20, 9:34 am

Bootstrap 5 Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step)Build 3 Live Real-World Projects with the Latest Bootstrap 5 CSS Framework. In-Depth Training on Bootstrap 5




What you'll learn

  • You will learn the Latest Bootstrap v5 Framework

  • Build Bootstrap 5 EMS front-end App (Project)

  • Build Bootstrap 5 Blog App (Project)

  • Build Bootstrap 5 Educational Website (Project)

  • Complete Bootstrap Implementation into any website

  • You will learn Responsive Web Site Designing

  • You will learn to Build customized Bootstrap 5 Web Apps

  • You will learn different Breakpoints in Bootstrap 5

  • You will learn how to use Bootstrap 5 Containers

  • You will Bootstrap 5 Grid system

  • You will learn to create responsive images, tables and typography

  • You will learn to create customized Bootstrap 5 Forms

  • You will learn all the Bootstrap 5 components like, Badge, Breadcrumb, Buttons, Button group, Card, and much more

  • You will learn to build a complete Bootstrap 5 Based website


Bootstrap 5 is the Latest version of the most popular CSS framework ever. More than a million website are now powered by Bootstrap. In this course you will learn Bootstrap 5 from a complete beginner to advanced level.

We will cover everything in Bootstrap 5 Documentation, in addition to that we will also create 3 Live projects.

  1. In this course as a first project you will build a EMS (Employee Management System) Web app (Front-End) which can later be used to integrate dynamic functionality.

  2. In the 2 project we will build a Blog Theme Project for the most popular content management system WordPress.

  3. As the 3rd project we will build a complete Educational Website from start to finish with the help of Advanced Bootstrap 5 Components.


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