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ASP.NET MVC Crash Course™ 2020 - Hands-on ASP.NET MVC


11/6/20, 7:40 am

Learn web development with ASP.NET MVC fast with practical and in-depth utilization of MVC like a pro & Much more




What you'll learn

  • Environment & Life Cycle

  • Creating Your First MVC Application

  • Razor view And Data Container

  • Bundles & LINQ

  • Routing and ActionResult

  • Action Filters & Ajax with jquery

  • DataModel& Entity Framework


ASP.NET MVC is a server-side web structure for building dynamic, information-driven web applications. Since its first discharge in 2009, it has increased a great deal of notoriety among designers utilizing Microsoft advancements. On the off chance that you need to get utilized as a web designer at an organization that uses Microsoft innovations, you have to ace ASP.NET MVC.

in this course, You'll Learn:

Module - 1

Asp.Net MVC Introduction

●  Understanding the History of ASP.NET


● What Is Wrong with ASP.NET Web Forms?

●  Benefits of ASP.NET MVC


Module –2

Environment & Life Cycle

● Installation

● The Application Life Cycle

● The Request Life Cycle

Module – 3

Create First MVC Application

●  Basic Application Content

● Adding a Controller, View, Model, Action

● Creating a new Project

● MVC Layout and its Contents, Partial View

Module – 4

Razor view And Data Container

● Razor view and controls

● Difference between Razor and aspx

● MVC Data Container (View Bag, TempData, ViewData)

Module – 5

Bundles &LINQ

● Bundles (ScriptBundle&StyleBundle)

●LINQ and its uses

Module - 6

Routing and ActionResult

● Routing

● ActionResult& its Types

Module - 7

Action Filters & Ajax with jquery

● Action Filters

● Types of Action Filters and uses

● Ajax call using jquery

Module - 8

DataModel& Entity Framework

● DataModel

● Entity Framework and Entity Data Model

Do you fantasy about turning into an expert web engineer? Well, this is the asset for you! Figure out how to program and construct vigorous Websites utilizing the most recent advancements with this simple-to-follow, extensive course.

I'll show you bit by bit from the total essentials to the further developed examples utilized via prepared experts. You will end up being a specialist ASP NET MVC C# Web Developer, take your vocation to the following level and figure out how the top engineers can request greater compensations!

Independent and agreement designers can make upwards of $500 every day, and the interest is expanding every year. Finishing this course will make you fully aware of another universe of potential profit.

Regardless of whether you are totally new to programming improvement, or have as of now taken in the nuts and bolts, my course will walk you through all that you have to know to become world-class.


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