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Accounting for Beginners: Financial Accounting Made Easy


23/7/20, 9:16 am

A Part Time Online Financial Accounting Course for Beginners thought in an 'easy to follow' manner




What you'll learn

  • Understand and Realize the Need for Accounting

  • Have a basic understanding on Accounting

  • Understand accounting assumptions and how to record transactions

  • Understand the accounting lingo so as to be confident in presenting numbers to investors

  • Record simple transactions like equity and loan injection into the company

  • Basic study on all the accounting statements


Have you ever tried to learn a new skill but found it more confusing all together ? Or Have you Ever Tried to learn a New Skill only to give up half way ?

I know how that feels after going through my Undergraduate and Graduate Studies only to listen to professors without much of work experience teaching only the most dry subject on planet earth.

Having been involved in the financial field (Working in a Big 4 and Working in Investment firm) for more than a decade, I bring that experience so as to make accounting relevant for a business owner / start up owner.

In this course you shall learn the

- Accounting Lingo - this will give you a competitive edge especially when trying to raise capital for your business.

- Accounting Fundamentals - if accounting is the language of business, this section shall be the grammer.

- Financial Statements - This shall be the books that you show to your investors. We shall explore this in the course.

- Recording Transactions - I shall teach you how to record some transactions into your books.

After having pitch a couple of business, I realized that it is not the smartest or the best ideas that get the backing from investors. Rather its the most willing that most of the times get the backing from investors. This course shall give you that little edge so as to be better in raising capital.


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