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WordPress Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step)


24/8/20, 9:34 am

Learn to build WordPress websites from scratch. The complete In-Depth Guide to WordPress for Beginners




What you'll learn

  • You will learn complete WordPress from Scratch

  • You will learn to Install WordPress locally for Development

  • You will learn to Configure complete WordPress Advanced Settings

  • You will learn to Configure Manage General, Writing, Reading, Discussions and media settings in WordPress

  • You will learn to Setup permalinks for pages, posts, & categories

  • You will learn to Install, Activate and manage WordPress plugins

  • You will learn to Create and manage WordPress categories and taxonomies

  • You will learn to Create, update, delete and manage WordPress posts and pages

  • You will learn to Create static and dynamic pages

  • You will learn to Manage internal and external links within WordPress

  • You will learn to Setup and manage comments system

  • You will learn to Complete in-depth understanding in user roles in WordPress

  • You will learn to Manage, Setup, Install, themes and plugins

  • You will learn to Create customized and nested menus for header and footer


In this Complete WordPress course you will learn the core concepts of WordPress from Beginner to Advanced Level. This course covers the complete practical skills required to master WordPress from scratch.

You will learn how to build a fully functional blog with pages, posts, categories, tags and much more. we will also see how we can add social sharing with the WordPress.

You will Learn the most advanced CMS (Content Management System) WordPress & build dynamic websites from scratch. Learn how to create a complete Dynamic WordPress Website from beginner to advanced level.

This advanced core WordPress Course covers the following topics in-depth:

WordPress Basics:

  1. Different between WordPress. com and WordPress. org

  2. Installing & configuring XAMPP for WordPress

  3. Setting up WordPress Database & Login system

  4. Installing & configuring WordPress for Development

  5. Complete Overview of WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Setting In-Depth:

  1. Setting up WordPress in General Settings.

  2. Looking into Writing Setting in WordPress

  3. Managing and Configuring Reading Settings in WordPress

  4. Setting up Discussions in WordPress Discussion Settings

  5. Configuring and Managing Media Settings in WordPress

  6. Managing URL's in WordPress Permalink Settings

  7. Setting up plugins with WordPress Plugin Settings

WordPress Categories & Tags In-Depth:

  1. Add Custom Categories for Posts

  2. Add Custom Tags for Posts

  3. Setting up URL's for Categories

  4. Updating / Editing Existing Categories

  5. Updating / Editing Existing Tags

  6. Deleting / Removing Categories

  7. Deleting / Removing Tags

  8. Creating Parent / Child Categories

Configuring Posts & Pages in WordPress In-Depth:

  1. Create New Posts & New Pages

  2. Edit Existing Posts & New Pages

  3. Delete Posts & New Pages Temperately or Permanently

  4. Preview your Post & New Pages before publishing

  5. Publish posts or to Specific Category

  6. Publish Pages

Configuring Media Settings in WordPress:

  1. Overview of Media in WordPress

  2. Add custom Media to WordPress

  3. Insert & Edit Existing Media in WordPress

Installing & Configuring Plugins & Themes:

  1. Install Plugin via Plugin Installer

  2. Install Plugin offline mode

  3. Configuring Plugin Settings

  4. Enabling and Disabling WordPress plugins

  5. Installing New Themes

  6. Configuring New Themes

  7. Activating & Disabling Themes

  8. Removing or Deleting Themes


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