Master Mathematics: Set Theory - Basic


learn basic of sets operation and proofs related to sets



What you'll learn:

  • definition of sets

  • definitions related to sets

  • subsets , proper subsets,power set, super set , equal set and equivalent set

  • operations on set

  • union, intersection, complement and difference between two sets

  • properties of operation on sets

  • closure property, commutative law, associative law, distributive law, identity law

  • De Morgan's law


  1. introduction to sets

  2. definition which are related to sets i.e:- subsets, proper subsets , super set, power set, equal sets, equivalent sets

  3. operations on sets i.e: union , intersection, disjoint set, difference and compliment and cartesian product of sets

  4. properties of operation on sets, proving properties such as  closure property, commutative property, associative property, distributive property and identity law

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